Professional Domain Services

A domain name is like a street address for your cool website. We can help you register a new domain with a cheaper price, or transfer your existing domain name to us.

Domain Services:

Register a Domain

Renew a Domain

Transfer a Domain

Why buy domains from us?

Our domain names are more cheaper in the market and we provide the best 24/7 services for our customers. Our domain is simple and easy, you yourself can set it up - no technical skill required.

Protect your Privacy

Domain privacy or WHOIS protection hides the domain registrant’s personal information from the public WHOIS database.

Total DNS Control

Be your own boss with your DNS control, or you can let us (The Expert) do it for you.

No Hidden Costs

What you see is what you pay, plus is more cheaper than any of our competitors. More savings for you.

Generic Domains

Geographic Domains

TLD Register Transfer Renew RM80.00 RM80.00 RM80.00
.my RM120.00 RM120.00 RM120.00 RM100.00 RM100.00 RM100.00 RM100.00 RM100.00 RM100.00
.asia RM60.00 RM60.00 RM60.00